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*Pipeline and Gant Chart*

For this project I’d like to focus on making a documentary. I want the base of the project to be focused on a documentary because I feel that with this style of video everyone would have something to do and we could try and include all majors (photo, cinematic, animation).

After the sound design lecture, it really inspired me to further my skills with music and I started thinking of ways to present it differently. I came up with the concept of making a documentary focused on music around Columbus/ artists based from Ohio. My team could interview different venue owners, film live bands, interview band members, and interview locals and ask what music (live shows etc.) means to them.

I really want to branch out on how we would present this video. By this I mean straying away from the typical documentary format, maybe include rotoscoping/ cool animation techniques and experiment on different ways to present topics.

Here are some examples I found on vimeo:

Rotoscoping examples:

Director: David M. Helman
Animation: RUFFMERCY (

Directed, Edited & Scrawled by RUFFMERCY / / @rffmrcy

Documentary example:

Director: Kristoffer Borgli

Performance example:

Video by Marco Prestini

Prod: Flash Factory

Music by Aucan (C) 2012

Here are some people that I think would be good for this project:

  • Dana Reeves – Director
  • Laura Thatcher – Director of Photography
  • Cameron Granger – Director of Story
  • Heather Taylor – Documentary Director
  • Chi-ling Chu – Director of Animation
  • Sean Dunn – Head of Art Direction
  • Cameron McClain – Production Manager
  • Sam Devine – Director of Sound

Project 1: Figure as Landscape

Film by: Dana Reeves

Music by: Dana Reeves and Tommy Broderick

Materials: Napkins, Cardboard, Wood-glue, Wood, DSLR, Tripod, Lamp

After the comments in class I’ve decided to make minor changes to how the final video will look:

  1. It’ll be in black and white.
  2. I’m just going to do one shot from left to right in front of the figure zoomed in on the shadow instead of the constant changes in shots.
  3. I’ll use the same lamp I used for the test video.

I’m also going to add more to the whole “forest to city idea”. (From left to right) Forest, burning forest, empty land with 5 or 6 trees, then the city.

Here are some test photos I took of the forest in my room (I still need to include the city). For the final I’ll change location of where I shoot the photos so I can get different shots/ have more room and make it so you can see the landscape first and figure second.

So I tried working with the hair to make a head/ shoulders and it was a little to complicated for my first attempt at shadow art so I decided to go back to my original idea of making a cityscape but this time I’m going to  incorporate a forest as well. Here’s a simple sketch to show what I plan on doing.