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Our first official day of filming was this past Friday, October 25th, and things started off a little rocky with actors showing up late which forced us to push back our shooting schedule.


The second day of filming started off rocky as well due to work schedule conflicts but once we began filming the shots we collected looked amazing.


As the weekend progressed we understood how long filming these shots would actually take which made Sunday our best day yet. The weather was amazing and the shots we collected looked great.

Monday – Wednesday:

The weekday shoots went excellent! Our animator Josh Hakim‘s roommate let us borrow his video equipment which includes a Canon Eos 5d Mark III, external monitor, matte box, and Carl Zeiss Lenses.


Using our equipment, the external audio we collected sounds great and is really easy to sync up with the multiple shots we have. We still need to gather a couple more shots this week and once all of the filming is done I can begin finalizing on the soundtrack for the film.


The plan for Thursday’s class is to film the rest of the external scenes. If the weather isn’t looking to good then Tommy and I will stay in, sync the video clips to the sound clips, and work on the soundtrack for the film and film Friday morning.

To do list:

  • Begin finalizing animation sequence sounds
  • Begin soundtrack music
  • Work on voice-overs with the actors
  • Begin opening credits
  • Film the last external scenes

Check out these blogs for behind the scenes photos:

Make sure to check out our facebook page for more information!


I have the Canon 7d with me and I just changed all of the settings for what’s best to shoot video on a DSLR. Here are a couple of videos for the live action team to watch that explains the deference between the two cameras we are shooting with:

Read through:

We had a successful read through with all of the actors this past Tuesday aside from Jon Denney, who will be playing Scott, who was unable to make it due to a scheduling conflict.

Sound design:

This week Tommy and I sat down and came up with a rough sound sequence for the beginning animation scene which you can see in my previous post. I sat down with the animation team and separated each track so they could create a rough animatic:

(password: paperboy)

After viewing the animatic I have a better understanding of how they envisioned the timing of the shots which will make my job a lot easier with the final sound sequence. This week I plan on continuing working on the soundtrack as well as the opening credits.

The Soundtrack:

I’m really excited to get the soundtrack rolling which will have about 4 to 5 songs all written by myself and Tommy ranging from distortion/ grunge sound to ambient/ electronic.


Josh and Cameron managed to get the contact animation for the head of the Larping team at CCAD who were kind enough to let us borrow their foam swords and shields for the movie.

Chelsea picked up the Canon EOS 7d this week and our executive producer Sean balanced it on his steadycam getting everything ready for this upcoming weekends shoot.

As for the soundtrack I plan on using my Washburn WI-64, Microkorg, Joey Sturgis Custom Drum Samples, DigiTech GSP1101, BBE Sonic Maximizer, and many more fun toys.

To do List:

  • Begin finalizing animation sequence sounds
  • Begin soundtrack music
  • Work on voice-overs with the actors
  • Check the finalized storyboards
  • Film!

Live Action Team:

Week 2 has been very successful so far. Me and the rest of the live action team headed out to find props and were successful in finding clocks for the film. We still need to find the “magic crystal” and prop swords. For the prop swords, we were thinking about contacting some of the team members for the CCAD Larping Team and asking them if we could borrow some of their foam swords and shields.

For Thursdays class me and the team will hopefully head out again and gather up all of the final props we need for the film.

Camera Equipment:

Luckily getting our camera equipment was very easy. Members of the team checked out the Canon EOS 7d from the Library for 3 weeks and one of the directors of animation, (Josh Hakim)’s roommate is letting us borrow his Canon EOS 5d Mark III.

Finalizing Shots:

This week the live action team sat down and we all collaborated in creating the thumbnails for the film. We’ve all given Katy Frick the role of creating the final look for the thumbnails and Cameron, Sean, and myself will sit down and finalize the shots.


After discussing with Cameron on his thoughts of how the film will look, I’ve decided to go with a look similar to “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” the movie. I feel that the shots chosen for this film are perfect for the style that we are going for. This includes a lot of fast cuts, specific symmetrical placing of actors, and how the camera cuts to different scenes. Here’s an awesome example of how the director, Edgar Wright, switched from live action to animation:

(skip to 0:54 if you’d like)

I also did a little research on Edgar Wright and found this pretty cool interview of him discussing the film as a whole.

Sound design:

Like I’ve mentioned before, Tommy and I have taken on the role of creating the overall sound of the video. Because of work schedules and classes it’s been pretty difficult finding a time to work together to create the sound. Hopefully we’ll have the sound for the first animation sequence done by Thursday morning but we will definitely have everything finalized by Thursday night. We will begin working on the soundtrack after the sound for the animation scenes are completed so the animators can animate!

To Do list:

  • Finalize storyboards
  • Have a table talk with the actors
  • Practice shots with the cameras (and possibly actors)
  • Gather props and etc.
  • Start sounds

Head of Art Direction (Cinematographer):

After seeing which group projects were selected I’ve decided to work with “The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street” by Cameron Granger.

I’ve been selected as the Head of Art Direction (Cinematographer). With this role I expect:

  • Responsibility for camera and lighting decisions
  • Portraying artistic and technical decisions related to the film

After our first meeting, I expect to be working with the live action team as well as the animation team throughout this film so we can all get on the same page when referring to color schemes, character development, etc.

Color Concepts:

I was thinking that the overall color concept for the video will be focused around blue and orange, blue more for the animated scenes and orange for the live action scenes. I think this color scheme will work well together because of the symbolism throughout the film (The Blue Light).

Music/ Soundtrack:

I’ve also taken on the role to create the soundtrack for this film.

Here is an example of what the overall soundtrack will sound like:


After talking to my friend Tommy, he said he would be more than happy to help us with the film! Here are his head-shots for the animators if you need them: