Week 4 for the Paperboy: Filming



Our first official day of filming was this past Friday, October 25th, and things started off a little rocky with actors showing up late which forced us to push back our shooting schedule.


The second day of filming started off rocky as well due to work schedule conflicts but once we began filming the shots we collected looked amazing.


As the weekend progressed we understood how long filming these shots would actually take which made Sunday our best day yet. The weather was amazing and the shots we collected looked great.

Monday – Wednesday:

The weekday shoots went excellent! Our animator Josh Hakim‘s roommate let us borrow his video equipment which includes a Canon Eos 5d Mark III, external monitor, matte box, and Carl Zeiss Lenses.


Using our equipment, the external audio we collected sounds great and is really easy to sync up with the multiple shots we have. We still need to gather a couple more shots this week and once all of the filming is done I can begin finalizing on the soundtrack for the film.


The plan for Thursday’s class is to film the rest of the external scenes. If the weather isn’t looking to good then Tommy and I will stay in, sync the video clips to the sound clips, and work on the soundtrack for the film and film Friday morning.

To do list:

  • Begin finalizing animation sequence sounds
  • Begin soundtrack music
  • Work on voice-overs with the actors
  • Begin opening credits
  • Film the last external scenes

Check out these blogs for behind the scenes photos:

Make sure to check out our facebook page for more information!


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