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Here’s a first cut of something! (Unfinished)


I know the basic layout of Ableton now so It’s time for me to create some sounds.

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I’m working with the “All Alone Patch” and I figured out how to use my computer keyboard to mess with the effects/ customize it a lot. I can also add other effects on top of each other. Now all I need to do is learn the “Track Display” and start recording these sounds.

So here is my final creating for the first week of this project. I’m a little disappointed because I really wanted to jump right in and create a song but I’m glad that I didn’t. Creating a drum track was a real simple way for me to learn the interface of this project. I wish I could work on the drum track a little more but that’s not the point of the project.

As for this next week, I plan on creating an actual song, with vocals and all. I’ve learned that I need to document more (take photos of me working) rather just screen shots but It’s all I have for this week.

How I made the drum track:

  1. I Used Joey Strugis drum samples I had on my computer
  2. Uploaded and placed each drum sample in Ableton
  3. Exported and adjusted the EQ settings in Adobe Audition

So after giving the project guidelines more thought, I’d really like to focus more on music for this next project.

As much as I would love to continue with film for this idea, the past project for The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street definitely wore me out and we’re still continuing working on the film correcting the audio levels and color correcting getting the film ready for competitions. With that being said I came up with the idea of bettering my skills with audio production. I hope to improve the sound of my production level as well as learn new programs by creating a song each week.

With most of the music I make I typically use Garageband because it is user friendly and I haven’t had the time to perfect my skills with Ableton or Reason. Hopefully with this project I can start using more advanced programs.



Propellerhead’s Reason

(Garageband if needed)

Here are two songs my friend Tommy Broderick and I made for theĀ The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street. We used Garageband and spent about 3 to 4 hours on each song. I fell that with the amount of time I have on this project, I can produce better material!

For my third project I’ve decided to focus more on Cinematography. This includes color correcting, editing clips, and the overall look an feel of a video.

I plan on shooting short clips of random scenes about 0:20sec. to 1:00min. long. With this project I want to get to know the Adobe programs better and experiment with how color can effect the mood of a film. This includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects.

With time permitting I also would like to sharpen my skills with music/ creating music and fitting the songs to my clips.

Here are some visual references:

November 12th in CCAD’s Canzani auditorium at 9 AM. Be there to see the first showing!

Artwork by: Maggie Holmgren

The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street

This is the last weekend until the project is due and a lot still needs to be done. Since time is running short, I’m going to be focusing more on sound for the rest of time on this project. Tommy and I have some unfinished songs that we might use as inspiration for this project and I’ve contacted my friend Noah Koroman who goes by VenaCava who is more than happy to have us use any of his songs for this project!

Check out a couple of his songs below:

Also my friend Aaron Hislope who went by the name S.I.C.K. is down for us using some of his old music. Here are a couple of songs:

Tommy and I are still going to write the majority of the songs but our friends are kind enough to help us out in case we run low on time.

Plan for the final weekend:

  • Work on sound
  • Edit/ Color Correct
  • Get the final shots together
  • Finish opening credits