Week 5 for the Paperboy

November 12th in CCAD’s Canzani auditorium at 9 AM. Be there to see the first showing!

Artwork by: Maggie Holmgren

The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street

This is the last weekend until the project is due and a lot still needs to be done. Since time is running short, I’m going to be focusing more on sound for the rest of time on this project. Tommy and I have some unfinished songs that we might use as inspiration for this project and I’ve contacted my friend Noah Koroman who goes by VenaCava who is more than happy to have us use any of his songs for this project!

Check out a couple of his songs below:

Also my friend Aaron Hislope who went by the name S.I.C.K. is down for us using some of his old music. Here are a couple of songs:

Tommy and I are still going to write the majority of the songs but our friends are kind enough to help us out in case we run low on time.

Plan for the final weekend:

  • Work on sound
  • Edit/ Color Correct
  • Get the final shots together
  • Finish opening credits

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