Monthly Archives: December 2013

Still working on getting everything together!

I would love your feedback


This last project was pretty cool. I managed to learn most of everything that Ableton has to offer and made this pretty sick beat. I have to thank my friend Noah Koroman for helping with the production value/ some of the melodies.

First attempt at a documentary. Critique me!



I studied a lot of progressive house tutorials for this track! Super excited on how this came out.


One thing that I really want to improve with music is my production quality. I watched a couple of tutorials and realize that I’m probably going to have to either buy another program to help with this or search the internet for more plug-ins.

A really good artist that I admire is Flume. He uses ableton and on their website he wrote some pretty good tips and a video.


I would love some thoughts on the production quality of this synth intro I made last week!


Here are my posters for the end of my Video 1 class. Critique is encouraged even though I already turned them in. I wish I had more time to edit the “The Modern Age” poster but here is what I came up with.


Experimenting! I had to search the internet for specific synth sounds which took me forever but here’s what I’ve been working on…