Collaborative Projects Sep. 15. 2015

The Cinematic team agreed that we are going to finalize location scouting this week and work on our storyboards for the testimonial video as well as the other live action videos. I really want to start shooting BROLL sometime next week before the weather starts to get cold. I think as a group we need to re visit our gantt chart also.

Visual Inspiration:

Location Scouting:

German Village

tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo1_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo2_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo3_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo4_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo6_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo7_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo8_1280 tumblr_nu2nherCzv1uug7zgo10_1280


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