Collaborative Projects Sep. 24. 2015

To do for this week:

  • Get everyone’s schedules situated for the testimonial video shoot
  • Meet with the team to go over the Panavision camera
  • Start thinking about lighting diagrams, camera and lens selections, lighting and grip gear.
  • Meet with the team about the storyboards
  • Start scheduling B-ROLL shoots and finishing location scouting
  • Contact John about locations

Visual Reference:


We’ve found our main actor for the integrated project and we also nailed down our plan for the cultural support video. We plan on getting about 15 to 20 people for the first Saturday in October (gallery hop) and split them into groups so we can film with different people throughout the day.


The group teamed up with fellow CCAD student Darien Fisher and he is super excited to help us with the music for the projects.


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