Monthly Archives: October 2015

This week

We met with the clients and seem to be on the right track as a group. We also decided to do our tech scout this Monday the 2nd due to rain this morning. I’m contacting the clients to get finalized dates as well as flying the drone tomorrow morning and tomorrow night.

Cultural Support

I’m the director for the cultural support video and we finalized our plan. Ami is making rough storyboards and I’m looking for a time early November where we can shoot. Michael is contacting locations that we need permission to film in with John’s help.

Visual Inspiration


This Week

The crew and I finally shot for the integrated project this Saturday. Going over the footage we have a lot of clips that we like and we are currently coming up with a plan for how we are going to edit the video together and study the boards to figure out what else we have to shoot.

Here is a video clip that the CA team shot and Sam Devine added the motion graphic line element as well as the Film Commission logo:

To Do

I’m currently emailing Jason and Chris to find a time and location that works for everyone so we can get the interview’s done with and we are figuring out who is editing the pieces together. We are also picking another date to shoot pick ups for the integrated project and discussing our execution plan for the cultural support video.

This week:

This week the Cinematic team went location scouting for our shoot this Saturday. We visited the “Chicken Coup” and scouted locations in the Short North.

We just wrapped up our first interview shoot with Jennifer Reeder. Being the AD I put together a mini call sheet for the group and animation students. I underestimated how much time it would take to load and unload the gear as well as how much time it would be to set up but we finished our first interview.

I learned a lot from our shoot with Jennifer Reeder and she was awesome to interview.

What’s next:

  • Gather an equipment list
  • Figure out more information about the shoot on Saturday
  • Contact Chris and Jason to see when they can set up an interview time
  • Start going through the footage we gathered today with Jennifer
  • Sleep
  • Figure out plans for possible stabilizer to use this Saturday

Visual Inspiration:

This week the cinematic team has accomplished a lot. I’ve been emailing our client John and we have agreed on filming part of the testimonials on October 15th. We will be filming:

  • Jennifer Reeder
  • Chris Freeman
  • Jason Tostevin

I’m currently emailing John and asking him if he could send short bio’s of who we are interviewing as well as asking if the cinematic team should prepare questions or if John had some in mind he wanted to ask.

The team also went scouting today and filmed B-ROLL around german village for the testimonial video and we are planning on shooting again on Monday the 12th.

Weather permitting the whole group is planning on starting the integrated project on October the 17th and if it is raining we will shoot inside locations for the cultural support video.

Visual Inspiration:

I chose this video for my weekly inspiration because I liked how the visual complemented the voice over. This is something the team and I were talking about today while getting B-ROLL.

To do for this week:

  • Start getting dates together for the testimonial shoots
  • Finalize locations for the cultural support video
  • Gather students to film this Wednesday October 12th
  • Shoot more drone footage
  • Shoot B-Roll


This week we are going to start filming the cultural support video. I’m not too worried about this piece because we seem to have a solid idea that we can knock out pretty fast. I uploaded drone footage to the collaborative Google Drive to show everyone on Monday and continue to shoot B-Roll for the projects.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 8.55.06 PM