Monthly Archives: February 2016

My To-Do’s and Updates

  • Received notes on the first draft of my script so I’m planning on revising it throughout the next couple of days.
  • Meeting with my producer later today to finalize shoot days and locations.
  • Finalizing casting within the next 2 weeks (as of today)
  • Going location scouting this Saturday February, 27th 2016 and bringing one of my actors along to see how things will look on camera, maybe see how specific scenes will look.
  • Nailing down my crew by this Friday February, 26 2016
  • I’ve been studying a lot of Roger Deakin’s shooting style and his preparation for his shoots which has been extremely helpful.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.13.57 PM

  • Nailing down my storyboards by this Friday February, 26 2016
  • For post-production I need a really strong editor because the way I’m depicting some scenes are very scattered, for example I would check out BRTHR (a directing duo from New York). They have a very unique and specific style that somewhat shows what i’m going for but mine will be more scaled down. Here’s an example:
  • Visually I’ve been studying Sicario directed by Denis Villeneuve. I love how you see the character grow and change and it’s exactly what I’m going for for my film as far as mood and lighting, etc.

  • Starting to talk back and forth with my composer and getting the music together.
  • Need to figure out copyright specifics concerning music
  • Collect casting audition material
  • Meet with junkyard car dude about prices and cars
  • I’m using Shotdesigner for my shot list and to make things easier for myself. I’m planning on talking with Drew Theiss on how he handled his film and any pointers he has for me.

(Other stuff for me to read/ watch later)